Does a New Year mean a New You?

Have you ever done a New Years Resolution? I think I may have just once.

This year I came across Lyn of Witch Blog's I Can Change ONE Thing. I thought it would be a nice thing to try. Especially with all the changes I've been doing this year. Plus I feel I just need a little help focusing this year with the whole PPD thing.

Not so much that I want to change who I am, just that I think I'm losing focus of who I am. I'm hoping that making a nice list of things I want to get done will help. I also want to start doing more things. Things that I used to do, like read, write, take photos.

I feel like I've been stuck as Mom whose name is Amanda, not Amanda who is a mom, if that makes any sense.

Inspired by Pagan Blog Prompts


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  1. Totally makes sense. Wish you the best of luck with that! Thanks for sharing with us at PBP!


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