Losing Focus

lost by ~My-dynig-soul

I'm thinking I might need to have my prozac upped, I just feel like I can't focus on anything lately. I don't even want to focus on the games that I was playing. It takes me over a day to put my thoughts together enough to write a blog post. I try to read a post or an article, Goddess forbid my books, and I can barely make it pass a page. Some days aren't as bad, but then there's days that I just want to rip off heads.

The only thing that I've been doing good on is making sure I drink lots of water. No more soda, at all. The whole Halloween candy thing has been throwing off my healthier eating. Doesn't help that hubby went and bought two bags of discount Halloween candy. But I did go and get smoothies since when I buy fruit and veggies they tend to go bad before I get a chance to actually eat them. Which is helping loads, since I can go and pour a glass if I feel snack-ish. I also got a bunch of pomegranate lychee teas to do a little detoxing. Baby steps I guess.

Then this weekend I had a little of a shock happen. I'm still processing it. I'm not sure if it's going to change things drastically or not. I just feel shock and betrayed right now. Once the shock wears off I'll be able to think better.

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