It's not all "welfare queens"

angry, young and poor by ~stacheLhaut

I will never understand the urge some people feel to talk out their ass about things they have no clue about. I mean I know we must all have opinions on things but really when someone tries to explain an error in your ways to you, do you have to be such a jerk about it?

Normally I don't really care what you want to believe but this time it's a little personal. Government assistance. I know I may of complained about it, but it does help, it does serve a purpose, and surprisingly enough there aren't tons of "welfare queens" on welfare.

News flash: when you hear about "welfare queens" it's when they got caught, and kicked off welfare. You don't hear about the ones following the rules, doing what needs to be done, and getting off welfare, because it's not sensational! That is it. You hear about "welfare queens" because they are sensational.

Not just that but they lie through their teeth to get so much money, the regular people on welfare work their butts off to get a job and get off welfare. Which is actually the opposite of what welfare sets you up for. They set up to fail, and have to go on welfare again. They give you barely enough to get by and then the moment you get any money they take away everything.

Also they actually prefer you to give up your job. Yes. I said it. They told my hubby that he would have to give up the safer car and quit his job to go on welfare while I was pregnant and on bed rest. Just so he could move into the housing I was at. I said fuck that, we moved back with my grandparents.

Right now we are off assistance even though we actually need it. Why? Cause I said, and was told by my therapist that I'm not ready for work. It's not even worth it. Not just that but you know the big problem ... I'm ashamed of needing help. 

I almost didn't get help for my postpartum depression, because I thought I was a bad mom for needing help. I didn't want to go on assistance in the first place cause everyone associates welfare with "using" the system. When you go on about "welfare queens" all you are doing is making the regular people that are on the outs and need help feel ashamed of getting the help.

Point blank, end of story. Going on about the few "welfare queens' makes the regular people feel ashamed.

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