How I discovered I was a Pagan

You ever get that feeling that something is off? That it just doesn't sit right with you? I used to get that feeling all the time growing up. I went to church. I went to Sunday school. I actually read the Bible front to back about three times. I have a few Sunday school teachers in my family. One of my cousins actually went to seminar school. I can quote and talk about scripture better than most Christians. 

But yet I just always had this nagging feeling that it just wasn't for me. 

I believed in faeries, I had a fey guardian that I used to talk to all the time. I knew things before I was told. I was always being told not to eavesdrop, even though I tried to explain I hadn't, that I just knew it. I was also very precocious for my age. I was doing college level algebra after finishing my homework. I was reading regular fiction books in 3rd grade. I was just different. 

It wasn't until I was in junior high and out shopping by myself at the mall that I realized just how different I was. 

Hanging out in the bookstore (who remembers WaldenBooks?) I started hearing drums. No lie. Tribal drums. Drumming that spoke to my soul. Thing is no one else seemed to hear it. I played hot and cold trying to find out where it was coming from. A book. Not just any book but my first magic book. 

Once I picked up the book the drumming stopped. Looked at the price and brought it. I mean come on the book drummed to me. It called out to me. I had to have it.

I went home that night and started reading it. Oh my Gods! It clicked into place. This is what I was. This is why I didn't feel right. I couldn't believe it. Things I had dreamt about were stories in this book. Things that I knew just by knowing were in this book. I was like wow. 

Since then I've been Pagan. I was 14 years old.

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  1. Drumming, like Jumanji style, eh? Very cool. Thanks for sharing with us at Pagan Blog Prompts!

  2. Totally like Jumanji it was the single most coolest thing that had ever happened to me at that point. I've had more since then.


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