Everyone Loves a Redhead

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Urban dictionary defines Redhead as :An exotic woman with a fiery temper. One of the most beautiful creatures on Earth, too bad there are so little of them. Rumored to have a three times as powerful sex drive as normal women (rumored by the Germans)

There's just something about redheads, isn't there? Not that I'm bias at all. But there is a surprising number of superstitions and interesting facts about redheads. I figured I would share a few of my favorites.

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First there's the Mark Twain quote, which is my favorite thing and winds up as my status a few times on Facebook and Twitter.

While the rest of the human race are descended from monkeys, redheads derive from cats.

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A new one I found is that supposedly the first redhead was Prince Idon of Mu who discovered Atlantis was imprinted with the island's stunning red sunset and leaves in the form of red hair and freckles so that future generations would know of Atlantis' first sunset. I like this one, since I have a fondness for Atlantis. It is also said that Atlantis had a majority of redheads.

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We all know that during the witch hunts, many women were burned simply for having red hair, many thought it was the sign of a witch (hehe) but did you also know that Ancient Greeks thought redheads turned into vampires when they died? Or that in Ancient Rome redheaded slaves were more expensive? And in Ancient Egypt they buried redheads alive as sacrifices to Osiris? In France redheads are held in high respect, and if you pass three redheads in Poland you will win the state lottery.  Apparently redheads hold some sort of special power about them.

Redheads are considers to be fiery temptresses in bed. They also apparently have more sex, and more partners than their blonde and brunette counterparts. A sex therapist in Hamburg thought that if a woman died her hair red she is unhappy in her relationship. 


The "redhead gene" is thought to have originally been mutated to help people that lived further from the equator absorb vitamin D better. Of course now with the ozone we just get sunburns, skin cancer and premature wrinkles. But red hair doesn't really gray, it goes blonde and then white. Also redheads have thick hair but actually have the least amount of strands. We redheads also bruise more easily and need more pain killers than most.

A numbers game of statistics says that Scotland has the highest percentage of redheads at 13% with Ireland as a close second with 10%, where as in America we only have 2-6% but we have the largest population with 6-18 million redheads. I can personally attest to the fact that after AJ was born I saw about 10 million redheaded babies, not really but everywhere I turned I saw at least one redhead baby. But when I was a kid I was the only redhead I knew. 

An interesting theory I've just come across is that red hair is actually descended from Africa original and African's migrations across Europe.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, that was cool.

  2. Very interesting facts. My hair is brown but I have a lot of red highlights. When I get in the sun you can really see all the red. And my son has blond hair right now but sometimes depending on the light it's also red.

  3. I used to hate my red hair when I was little, cause everyone in the family had blonde hair, but now I love it. I also love how there's some much history and superstitions about redheads but none about the other colors.


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