Do Doctors Care More about the Patients or the Technology?

prozac by ~Glasserpi

Notice how more and more doctor offices are going digital? I mean it is pretty cool that they can just send in prescriptions but what happens when they put everything in computers? Normally it's not such a bad thing.

My regular doctor has those nifty little touchscreen flip over laptops and I never have problems there. But recently my kids' pediatrician and my behavioral health office switched over to all digital records. This would be better if, like my regular doctor, they had the good reliable equipment and backups on papers. But of course, they don't they have a bunch of slow PCs with what looks to be updated software.

At first, I said that's alright, so we take a little longer for appointments. Now I'm not so sure I like it.

Why you ask? They put everything on the computer, they have no more paper records. They can't even call in a prescription without the computer cause they don't have the numbers! Then they can't even do anything in a timely manner.

How did I find this out you ask? Well, they booked me for two appointments back to back. One with the LCSW (I think that's her title) "D" and the other with the psychiatric, they had me reschedule the appointment with the psychiatric. I said that's fine but I will need a refill for my Prozac before that next appointment. Not a problem, they say, I'll send him a note right now to send it in, she tells me. LIES! Of course, I don't find that out till I'm on my last pill and call for the refill for the pharmacy to tell me sorry we don't have anything for you.

Then it's a game of phone tag with the receptionist that is driving me crazy. I call and leave a message. No reply, I call again, I get told she will put a(nother) not into the doctor to send in a prescription, but it won't be done till the next day since he's not in. Call pharmacy next day and they again have nothing. Call receptionist, she tells me computers are down so they couldn't do anything. I said I've had NO Prozac yesterday or today and I'm not feeling right, what can we do to fix this? She asks for my info and the pharmacy number and says she will have the doctor call it in. Wait, have coffee with cousin Kiki (the day before Day of Mass Action for Occupy Wall Street, she was a protester), head to the pharmacy.

And guess what?! No prescription for me. They call receptionist. She says he is in the middle of an appointment and she is still trying to get everything together for him to call. (Say what?!) She will try to have him call before they close. I am seriously almost in tears, but honestly, it's not the pharmacist's fault.

Call the next day hoping they had called in the night before. Nope. No refill. Meltdowns ensue. Crying. Screaming. Wanting to bite heads off. Nausea. Which later that night led to bathroom stakeouts and being sent to my bed with a bucket.

Call the doctor's office on Friday afternoon and ask what's going on. I mean by this point I'm losing it. I've been sick. Snapping at everyone. Crying that I just want to feel normal again. She says she has to look it up and figure out what's going on and will call me back. Oh yeah, she calls me back. About 20 minutes before they close, to tell me they have a written prescription for me to pick up. By the time hubby gets there to pick it up the door is locked.

So I'm upset, irritated, emotional, crying, snapping at everyone, crying, screaming that I want to feel normal again. I feel so bad for my kids. But I guess the good point is I know the therapy is working.

But I mean, in all honesty, I would have gone to the office and picked up a written prescription the first night. But the lure of technology was too strong. They didn't even offer it as an option. It had to be electronically sent, or called in, they can't write it down.

My whole problem is they put not just my health and sanity on the line but they put my kids' health on the line. I am the primary caregiver. I am the one that is home with them all day and all night, most nights just me and the kids. When I was first put on Prozac I was told, repeatedly, not to just stop taking it. I had to be weaned off of it. That I could have severe side effects. I could become suicidal.

And what did they do? Cut me cold turkey. Why? Because of their dependency on technology.

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