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It's not all "welfare queens"

angry, young and poor by ~stacheLhaut

I will never understand the urge some people feel to talk out their ass about things they have no clue about. I mean I know we must all have opinions on things but really when someone tries to explain an error in your ways to you, do you have to be such a jerk about it?

Normally I don't really care what you want to believe but this time it's a little personal. Government assistance. I know I may of complained about it, but it does help, it does serve a purpose, and surprisingly enough there aren't tons of "welfare queens" on welfare.

News flash: when you hear about "welfare queens" it's when they got caught, and kicked off welfare. You don't hear about the ones following the rules, doing what needs to be done, and getting off welfare, because it's not sensational! That is it. You hear about "welfare queens" because they are sensational.

Not just that but they lie through their teeth to get so much money, the regular people on welfare work their butts off to get a job and get off welfare. Which is actually the opposite of what welfare sets you up for. They set up to fail, and have to go on welfare again. They give you barely enough to get by and then the moment you get any money they take away everything.

Also they actually prefer you to give up your job. Yes. I said it. They told my hubby that he would have to give up the safer car and quit his job to go on welfare while I was pregnant and on bed rest. Just so he could move into the housing I was at. I said fuck that, we moved back with my grandparents.

Right now we are off assistance even though we actually need it. Why? Cause I said, and was told by my therapist that I'm not ready for work. It's not even worth it. Not just that but you know the big problem ... I'm ashamed of needing help. 

I almost didn't get help for my postpartum depression, because I thought I was a bad mom for needing help. I didn't want to go on assistance in the first place cause everyone associates welfare with "using" the system. When you go on about "welfare queens" all you are doing is making the regular people that are on the outs and need help feel ashamed of getting the help.

Point blank, end of story. Going on about the few "welfare queens' makes the regular people feel ashamed.

Going Primal

Have I mentioned that I've been seriously thinking about going primal? As in the Paleo diet? In all honesty it just seems like one of those things that might actually work for me. I mean that is naturally the type of foods I would prefer to eat. I just need to get some willpower.

One of my inspiration for this is Paleo Parents. I just kind of love their site. Plus the confession post she did is awesome.

Did I mention they are going to have a book? Eat Like a Dinosaur check it out!

Do Doctors Care More about the Patients or the Technology?

prozac by ~Glasserpi

Notice how more and more doctor offices are going digital? I mean it is pretty cool that they can just send in prescriptions but what happens when they put everything in computers? Normally it's not such a bad thing.

My regular doctor has those nifty little touchscreen flip over laptops and I never have problems there. But recently my kids' pediatrician and my behavioral health office switched over to all digital records. This would be better if, like my regular doctor, they had the good reliable equipment and backups on papers. But of course, they don't they have a bunch of slow PCs with what looks to be updated software.

At first, I said that's alright, so we take a little longer for appointments. Now I'm not so sure I like it.

Why you ask? They put everything on the computer, they have no more paper records. They can't even call in a prescription without the computer cause they don't have the numbers! Then they can't even do anything in a timely manner.

How did I find this out you ask? Well, they booked me for two appointments back to back. One with the LCSW (I think that's her title) "D" and the other with the psychiatric, they had me reschedule the appointment with the psychiatric. I said that's fine but I will need a refill for my Prozac before that next appointment. Not a problem, they say, I'll send him a note right now to send it in, she tells me. LIES! Of course, I don't find that out till I'm on my last pill and call for the refill for the pharmacy to tell me sorry we don't have anything for you.

Then it's a game of phone tag with the receptionist that is driving me crazy. I call and leave a message. No reply, I call again, I get told she will put a(nother) not into the doctor to send in a prescription, but it won't be done till the next day since he's not in. Call pharmacy next day and they again have nothing. Call receptionist, she tells me computers are down so they couldn't do anything. I said I've had NO Prozac yesterday or today and I'm not feeling right, what can we do to fix this? She asks for my info and the pharmacy number and says she will have the doctor call it in. Wait, have coffee with cousin Kiki (the day before Day of Mass Action for Occupy Wall Street, she was a protester), head to the pharmacy.

And guess what?! No prescription for me. They call receptionist. She says he is in the middle of an appointment and she is still trying to get everything together for him to call. (Say what?!) She will try to have him call before they close. I am seriously almost in tears, but honestly, it's not the pharmacist's fault.

Call the next day hoping they had called in the night before. Nope. No refill. Meltdowns ensue. Crying. Screaming. Wanting to bite heads off. Nausea. Which later that night led to bathroom stakeouts and being sent to my bed with a bucket.

Call the doctor's office on Friday afternoon and ask what's going on. I mean by this point I'm losing it. I've been sick. Snapping at everyone. Crying that I just want to feel normal again. She says she has to look it up and figure out what's going on and will call me back. Oh yeah, she calls me back. About 20 minutes before they close, to tell me they have a written prescription for me to pick up. By the time hubby gets there to pick it up the door is locked.

So I'm upset, irritated, emotional, crying, snapping at everyone, crying, screaming that I want to feel normal again. I feel so bad for my kids. But I guess the good point is I know the therapy is working.

But I mean, in all honesty, I would have gone to the office and picked up a written prescription the first night. But the lure of technology was too strong. They didn't even offer it as an option. It had to be electronically sent, or called in, they can't write it down.

My whole problem is they put not just my health and sanity on the line but they put my kids' health on the line. I am the primary caregiver. I am the one that is home with them all day and all night, most nights just me and the kids. When I was first put on Prozac I was told, repeatedly, not to just stop taking it. I had to be weaned off of it. That I could have severe side effects. I could become suicidal.

And what did they do? Cut me cold turkey. Why? Because of their dependency on technology.

Do you have Passion?

I just finished the third Fallen installment, Passion by Lauren Kate. And I can't wait for Rapture.

In the last book we were left off with Luce jumping into an Announcer in search of the reason she loves Daniel. All through out Passion we see Luce traveling through her past lives with the mysterious Bill helping her figure things out. She became Princess Lys, an Aztec sacrifice, and an Egyptian slave, to name a few. She figures out the reason for the curse, to see if their love is true.

Of course she finds what she was looking for. Plus a few surprises along the way. Including Bill's real identity, the real reason for their curse, the riff between Heaven and Hell, and why Cam actually is a good guy.

Like the rest of the series it is an excellent read. I can't wait till my kids get a little older so I can reread it without all the interruptions.

How I discovered I was a Pagan

You ever get that feeling that something is off? That it just doesn't sit right with you? I used to get that feeling all the time growing up. I went to church. I went to Sunday school. I actually read the Bible front to back about three times. I have a few Sunday school teachers in my family. One of my cousins actually went to seminar school. I can quote and talk about scripture better than most Christians. 

But yet I just always had this nagging feeling that it just wasn't for me. 

I believed in faeries, I had a fey guardian that I used to talk to all the time. I knew things before I was told. I was always being told not to eavesdrop, even though I tried to explain I hadn't, that I just knew it. I was also very precocious for my age. I was doing college level algebra after finishing my homework. I was reading regular fiction books in 3rd grade. I was just different. 

It wasn't until I was in junior high and out shopping by myself at the mall that I realized just how different I was. 

Hanging out in the bookstore (who remembers WaldenBooks?) I started hearing drums. No lie. Tribal drums. Drumming that spoke to my soul. Thing is no one else seemed to hear it. I played hot and cold trying to find out where it was coming from. A book. Not just any book but my first magic book. 

Once I picked up the book the drumming stopped. Looked at the price and brought it. I mean come on the book drummed to me. It called out to me. I had to have it.

I went home that night and started reading it. Oh my Gods! It clicked into place. This is what I was. This is why I didn't feel right. I couldn't believe it. Things I had dreamt about were stories in this book. Things that I knew just by knowing were in this book. I was like wow. 

Since then I've been Pagan. I was 14 years old.

Inspired by Pagan Blog Prompts

The Double Standard in Parenting

The reasons I stay home
Do you ever just have a moment when you realize it kind of sucks to be a mom nowadays? Because it's kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't type of situation. I mean everyone has a theory on what you should be doing, whether you should be working or be a stay at home mom. But either way it's a catch 22, cause they will still say you are doing it wrong. 

AJ being Woody
But dads on the other hand ... well they have it completely different. Dads get a round of applause and a clap on the back for just being there, even if it's only for visitations. Don't get me wrong, they are treated mostly as baby-sitters, as my hubby is by the StepPrincess' mom. For dads though it's work or stay home, either way you're doing a great job.

Ariel eating Olivia, the other white meat
But I mean think about it, really think about it.

A typical dad day is going to work, coming home, changing a diaper, passing out to sleep, complaining about not getting enough sleep, and repeat.

Meanwhile a stay at home mom's day is get up at the crack of dawn after waking up to feed the baby, change diapers, chase down the older kid, while feeding the baby, make breakfast, down some coffee, wrestle kids into clothes, make sure they do more than watch tv all day, make lunch, manage to get kid to eat lunch, nap times, dinner, bath time, and then getting the kids to sleep, and repeat. At some point throwing in a shower and dressing yourself, or passing out before bothering.

Or as a working mom (since I did do both) you wake up at the crack of dawn after waking up to feed the baby, make breakfast, down coffee, rush to the baby-sitters, rush to work, work your butt off while missing your baby like crazy, getting through rush hour to get to the baby-sitters, getting home, making dinner, trying to spend some quality time together, bath time, then bed time, and repeat. 

Either way you look at it moms do more, usually. And either way they do it, they get told they are doing it wrong. Adding in that they are most likely thinking they are doing it wrong to begin with. If your staying home, most people consider you to be lazy. If you go to work, people think you don't spend any time with your kid, and usually that you have no clue on how to parent them.

I'm tired. Anyone have some coffee for me?

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Losing Focus

lost by ~My-dynig-soul

I'm thinking I might need to have my prozac upped, I just feel like I can't focus on anything lately. I don't even want to focus on the games that I was playing. It takes me over a day to put my thoughts together enough to write a blog post. I try to read a post or an article, Goddess forbid my books, and I can barely make it pass a page. Some days aren't as bad, but then there's days that I just want to rip off heads.

The only thing that I've been doing good on is making sure I drink lots of water. No more soda, at all. The whole Halloween candy thing has been throwing off my healthier eating. Doesn't help that hubby went and bought two bags of discount Halloween candy. But I did go and get smoothies since when I buy fruit and veggies they tend to go bad before I get a chance to actually eat them. Which is helping loads, since I can go and pour a glass if I feel snack-ish. I also got a bunch of pomegranate lychee teas to do a little detoxing. Baby steps I guess.

Then this weekend I had a little of a shock happen. I'm still processing it. I'm not sure if it's going to change things drastically or not. I just feel shock and betrayed right now. Once the shock wears off I'll be able to think better.

Everyone Loves a Redhead

Flame by ~AmandaJillian

Urban dictionary defines Redhead as :An exotic woman with a fiery temper. One of the most beautiful creatures on Earth, too bad there are so little of them. Rumored to have a three times as powerful sex drive as normal women (rumored by the Germans)

There's just something about redheads, isn't there? Not that I'm bias at all. But there is a surprising number of superstitions and interesting facts about redheads. I figured I would share a few of my favorites.

redhead by ~cutmore

First there's the Mark Twain quote, which is my favorite thing and winds up as my status a few times on Facebook and Twitter.

While the rest of the human race are descended from monkeys, redheads derive from cats.

Redhead by ~lusaai

A new one I found is that supposedly the first redhead was Prince Idon of Mu who discovered Atlantis was imprinted with the island's stunning red sunset and leaves in the form of red hair and freckles so that future generations would know of Atlantis' first sunset. I like this one, since I have a fondness for Atlantis. It is also said that Atlantis had a majority of redheads.

Redhead by ~Implified

We all know that during the witch hunts, many women were burned simply for having red hair, many thought it was the sign of a witch (hehe) but did you also know that Ancient Greeks thought redheads turned into vampires when they died? Or that in Ancient Rome redheaded slaves were more expensive? And in Ancient Egypt they buried redheads alive as sacrifices to Osiris? In France redheads are held in high respect, and if you pass three redheads in Poland you will win the state lottery.  Apparently redheads hold some sort of special power about them.

Redheads are considers to be fiery temptresses in bed. They also apparently have more sex, and more partners than their blonde and brunette counterparts. A sex therapist in Hamburg thought that if a woman died her hair red she is unhappy in her relationship. 


The "redhead gene" is thought to have originally been mutated to help people that lived further from the equator absorb vitamin D better. Of course now with the ozone we just get sunburns, skin cancer and premature wrinkles. But red hair doesn't really gray, it goes blonde and then white. Also redheads have thick hair but actually have the least amount of strands. We redheads also bruise more easily and need more pain killers than most.

A numbers game of statistics says that Scotland has the highest percentage of redheads at 13% with Ireland as a close second with 10%, where as in America we only have 2-6% but we have the largest population with 6-18 million redheads. I can personally attest to the fact that after AJ was born I saw about 10 million redheaded babies, not really but everywhere I turned I saw at least one redhead baby. But when I was a kid I was the only redhead I knew. 

An interesting theory I've just come across is that red hair is actually descended from Africa original and African's migrations across Europe.

Check out these sites : Red Hair Vault of Redheads Gingers and Titians

Happy Samhain!

Samhain Altar 2009 by ~Wilhelmine

Samhain is the Celtic New Year, the day when the veil between the dead and the living is lifted. The Celts considered the year to be split in two halves, the Dead Half and the Living Half. Samhain makes the beginning of the Dead Half. It is also the time when we are to honor our Ancestors.

There are many traditions that we still do today.

Jack o' Lanterns! Ancient Celts carved turnips, pumpkins came about when they moved to America, they used them to light the way and ward off evil spirits.

Mask and Costumes! They wore masks and costumes to disguise themselves from the dead, so they could both walk together without fear of each other.

Trick or Treat! Samhain used to be a month long feast, the last of the harvest festivals. They shared food and drink and remembered their dearly beloved departed ones.