Shit My Papa Says

Papa said something just too crazy to even know what to do. It had me and Hubby cracking up, but it did give me an idea for this post.

"I don't like Amand but I like AJ, doesn't matter though cause I'll be dead soon anyway."

"Some drink to forget, I drink to remember."

"I think I have Alzheimer's but I don't want to tell the doctor because I don't want to take more pills."

"I probably have one more year in me, but that's it."

And today's:

Papa: "I hope you aren't getting pregnant again with all that noise your making."
Me: "What noise?" (me and Hubby we just running around the living room)
Papa: "All that noise you just made."
Me: "Laughing?"
Papa: "Yeah." 

I wasn't aware you got pregnant from laughing, guess I was doing it wrong the other two times. I swear mom said you had to put the man's snake in your cave, or something like that  =}

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