Energy, Charging and Will

Enchantress by ~fioredineve

 The first thing I was taught about using magic was that is using your will to make a change in the world around you. How you use your will to make that change can happen in many different ways. It's akin to how Christian's use prayer to try and get a change. Pagans just do it with spells and rituals, it is our way of praying.

One of the simple ways that I first began using my will to enact a change was charging an anklet or bracelet that I made. I would usually do this when I was either going on an interview or starting a new job. I use hemp and make either the anklet or bracelet and charge it with my energy, to calm my nerve and make me feel confident, or whatever I would need.

I also leave all my stones, not that I have tons (especially with AJ losing them), on the window to sit in the Moon for a night at least.

I leave my journals out with my books that I read, and re-read, to charge them with my energy.

I'm reading Hedge Witch by Silver RavenWolf and she writes that essence of magic is knowing what you want and asking the universe for it, with your will.

Basically I'm saying I feel that the basic level of magic is take your energy and charge it with your will.

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  1. Nice way of putting it. I had not thought to make new jewelry with the intention of charging it. Hope those help you out well.

  2. When I actually was going on job interviews I would make one the night before and it would work almost all the time.


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