Down the Rabbit Hole: Third Refill

I'm still feeling better, not normal but better. My cousin, who is studying to be a behavioral health social worker, thinks I should have my dosage upped. I'll find out when I go see the other doctor next week, the last time I saw him he didn't think I needed to change yet.

I like my behavioral health social worker "D" but sometimes she can bug me. I saw her last week and she told me I need to work on getting "me time." Now I'm usually all for that but it causes both me and Ariel too much anxiety. Going out without either kid makes me very anxious. Leaving Ariel home makes her scream and not nap. Hubby says she falls asleep for a few minutes then wakes up and looks at him and goes you're not mommy then screams. So why would I upset both of us for "me time" that doesn't make any sense. I wouldn't be able to calm down and relax knowing my baby girl is screaming her head off.

My "me time" is when Hubby takes AJ out for a while so I can lay Ariel down and not worry AJ will trample her. I can go to the bathroom without worrying that AJ will mess with her. I can go to the bathroom alone. At some point I'm going to start reading more regularly again. I've just gotten out of the habit.

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