Put the Lime in the Coconut ....

And Drink it All it Down!

It Practical Magic Blog Party time! So get your midnight margaritas and sit back and enjoy the ride! Now original I had hoped to age a few papers and maybe create a few pages like the ones in the Owens' Book of Shadows, but alas I didn't quite get around to it. (So is the trouble of PPD but that's a different post.)

Instead I've decided to post a few of my favorite scenes. The first being, the infamous Midnight Margaritas scene!

This is from the scene when Sally walks in, stirring her drink magically and tries to get the man in the background to understand that he put the item he bought on the wrong ahem body part. Not to mention I loved her shop and this is what started my dream of owning my own shop one day.

This is the Which People, Witch People scene. I mainly loved this scene cause I love the room!

Then there's the kiss, when Sally finally finds true love. Her spell that she meant to make it so she would never fall in love, but of course it found the perfect man for her.


 Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. 
Keep rosemary by your garden gate. 
Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. 
Plant roses and lavender, for luck. 
Fall in love whenever you can.


  1. All my favorite scenes! Happy Practical Magic party!!!

  2. Amanda, great PM party post! Love the scene when Gary and Sally have the "Which People. Witch People." Talk.

    Visiting from the PM party.

    Bird http://birdsearthyspirit.blogspot.com/

  3. Great scenes...love the wrong body part one too!

  4. All great moments from the movie.
    Don't give up on that spellbook yet. There are a few more parties coming in October!

  5. LOVE! AND this page looks great!
    *The mermaid is fantastic*


  6. The greenhouse is my favorite part of the house. I love the attic too, but that greenhouse is amazing!

  7. Hi! Thanks for having me by as part of the PM Blog Party train!
    Like you, I love Sally's store, Verbena, and have often dreamed of opening a similar one. Or at the very least, finding one to shop at!

    Charlotte :)

  8. Yea, these are some of my favorite scenes too!
    Celeste, visit my blog,

  9. Lovely PM party post! Since this movie, I've never had a margarita without thinking about "midnight margaritas". Thanks for sharing!

  10. Perfect! I think we all love these same scenes!! Great party!

  11. Sweet post for sure -- you chose some of my favorite movie scenes!

    Magical Times,

  12. wonderful post! I LOVE her dress in that scene also (in the shop)

  13. Thanks everyone!

    Dogsmom - I'm not going to give up on the spell book yet, just seems I lose my focus lately, not sure if it's the PPD or the prozac for it.

    Cassandra - I love the mermaid too, she's an amazing photog too not a model, her link is on the photo (http://insomnia-stock.deviantart.com)

  14. Love the photos, the conservatory is one of my favourite parts in the house and I love the outfit Sally wears in the shop.

    J x

  15. Great post !!! That shop is wonderful isn't it ??
    I wish I had a shop like that too ;)
    Have a magical day !!

  16. All of my favs. Just wonderful great post. Have a magical weekend

  17. You've definitely nailed some of the most wonderful parts of this film! May you have an excellent week filled with happiness and laughter and incoming ocean waves!

  18. The 'which people' scene in the greenhouse is still one of my favorites....oh I would love that room. Thank you for joining the party and for sharing your favorite PM moments :)


  19. Wonderful post!! You hit on many of the best parts of the movie!!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Meanderings

  20. Hi Amanada,
    I am of the opinion most Ladies (Witches) would love to have a green house, garden and kitchen like those in the movie and or have the Shop as well. Love your post and thanks for dropping in at Havingwritten-rpl.blogspot.com



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