Down the Rabbit Hole: Day 17

Happy September!

Guess what? Tomorrow my little girl will be 4 months old! How crazy is that? I can't believe how big she is getting. Of course she's only about 2 months adjusted age, but she acts like a normal 4 month old. 

I've been doing so much better, even Hubby agrees. Although he did put it that I wasn't being such a pain in his butt. (He thinks he's funny.) My cousin was asking last night how I've been and how the prozac is working. I feel a little off at times but I'm not crying, I don't get so upset over every little thing, I still get very anxious about leaving Ariel, Kiki says that's normal. My social worker cousin. 

Speaking of social workers, I think I might have mad mine upset. It's not my fault. I was suppose to go to that employment thing (which is stupid and I don't see the point in) on Wednesday, Hector got stuck at work late. I couldn't make it and it doesn't have a number to call so I could say I couldn't make it. Instead she calls me the next day and leaves a messages saying how I chose not to go, I decided to wait to call her back since I want to be snarky and say I didn't choose not to go, I couldn't since we only have one car. I realize that snark is bad so I decided to wait and cool off. 

I actually think that is an improvement since before I would have just called and been snarky and gotten myself into trouble and start crying. I've also come to realize that I get a lot more in child support than I see since I'm on assistance. And that I should have my child support redone after I come off assistance. He can afford to pay almost $500 in arrears a month but I only get $50 in support a month, that just doesn't seem right to me. 

Today is also Hubby's first day of being a Rennie. He and Kiki are off working the Ren Faire today. Meaning I'm alone all day with AJ and Ariel. Tomorrow I will also have Karlee, she's having a sleep over with her cousins and will be back tonight. 

Wish me luck with all the kids!

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