The Elements

  • Compass point is East

  • Represents intellect, communication, knowledge, concentration

  • The ability to "know" and to understand

  • To unlock secrets of the dead

  • To contact the angels

  • Telepathy, memory, and wisdom

  • The hawk, the raven, and the eagle

  • Prophecy

  • Movement, karma, and speed

  • Compass point is South

  • Stands for energy, purification, courage, the will to dare, creativity

  • Higher self

  • Success and refinement

  • The arts and transformation

  • The lion, the phoenix, and the dragon

  • Loyalty and force

  • Compass point is West

  • Associated with intuition, emotions, the inner self, flowing movement, the power to dare and cleanse all things

  • Sympathy and love

  • Reflection

  • Currents and tides of life

  • The dolphin, the swan, and the crab

  • Dreams and dreamtime

  • Compass point is North

  • Mystery and growth, fertility, material abundance, the combined forces of Nature and it's bounty

  • Birth and healing

  • Business

  • Industry and possessions

  • The bear, the stag, and the wolf

  • Conservation and nature


Elements by *Kechake

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