I went to the Ren Faire and all I took was one lousy photo

In my defense it was raining, and I'm going back the next two weekends. My lovely cousin Kiki has gotten herself a job working in the Mediterranean food stand. I took this photo as we were waiting for her to come let us into the Faire, hopefully next time we won't have to wait for her.

I will say though the Ren Faire is still fun, if not more so, in the rain! It's less crowded, so you're not being jostled all over the place or fighting to get a stroller though. You can actually make your way through shops, and no waiting for food. And of course you get to see guys dancing and skipping in the rain for some happy-go-lucky minstrel!

The only downside was rain means wet, and there is about zero covered seating. Which normally would not be a big issue but I need to sit to nurse the fussy Ariel. I believe she is teething, but she makes it basically impossible to stand and nurse her, I have to sit and I'm there for the duration. Lucky for me AJ's Goddess mother works there in a sword shop and has an awesome boss who doesn't mind us coming and hanging out. I was able to borrow a stool and balance long enough to nurse her. Plus we got cookies, made by our favorite rennie!

I also think I've found my calling! I made a comment about how I wasn't too impressed that one of the girls working a hair braiding shop was sporting double French braids (like I was!). I told my cousin she could do her own hair since we can both braid, she was saying that her stand trades food with one of braiding shops and she can get her hair done for free. Hubby then tells me that when he was being interviewed for their job fair that they only ask whether the girls could braid hair before sending them to the shops!

It never ceases to amaze me that people pay for French braiding, or any braiding at all really. I've always been able to French braid my hair, I usually wind up sporting double French braids when I don't want to deal with my hair, like now, or when I was working at the camera shop. I would always getting complements on my braids, and very surprised looks when I said I did them myself.

The plan is next year that when I go to Ren Faire job fair that I will be asking to work in one of the braiding shops.

Image is my own.


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