Down the Rabbit Hole: Day 2

Went to my OB and confessed my suspicions that I have postpartum depression.

And he agreed. 

Put me on Prozac, sent me for blood work and to see behavioral health. 

This is the second day of taking it. So far not too many changes, still spent a good portion of yesterday morning crying, but I guess it's not instant-presto-all-better. I almost broke down in the doctor's office. I think know that I expected them to say no you're wrong, but no I was right.

It's scary to think, to know that I have this illness ... I feel like it makes me a bad mommy when I know that it doesn't ... it's not something I did, or choose ... it just is. 

Although that doesn't help make it feel ok, doesn't stop me from crying when I can't get my daughter to calm down or my son to listen. It doesn't help me from crying when I want to flee. It is slightly making me feel like it's 
                        ok to say 
                                       I need 

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  1. The important part here is that you recognized the signs and you sought help for it. In my opinion, a bad mother is one who recognizes the signs, but ignores them and ends up putting herself and her family in harms way because of it.

    Now that you have sought help, you are on the path to recovery and that's what matters.


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