Down the Rabbit Hole: Day 11

I've been feeling pretty good lately. Better than I was at any rate.

I feel less anxious over things, and I don't cry nearly as much. 

I have an appointment with Behavioral Health in a few weeks. My OB was pretty sure that I'm going to feel even better by then. He said I sounded much better now. I still feel anxious about leaving my baby. I still think it's pointless for me to get a job. My OB did advise me to not work if I didn't feel I was ready. It just makes me a little fearful about purposely stopping my assistance, but honestly I have to go off at some point.

I also noticed it's not just my feeling sad, alone, crying, etc that is changing. I actually drew a cute little rabbit hole on my dry erase board with the words "Down the Rabbit Hole" and what day I'm on. It's been quite some time since I drew something.


Down the Rabbit Hole by ~nimani-confused


  1. I'm happy to hear that you're starting to feel better and even happier to hear that you drew something. Drawing, for me, is so very therapeutic.

  2. Thanks, it's very encouraging to me. =}


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