Color Symbolism of Stones

White - spiritual guidance; being directed onto the right paths; calmness; becoming centered; seeing past all illusions. Examples: quartz, agate

Red - courage to face a conflict or test; energy; taking action. Examples: garnet, red jasper, red agate, dark carnelian

Pink - healing; true love; friendship. Examples: rose quartz, agate

Yellow - power of the mind; creativity of a mental nature; sudden changes. Examples: amber, topaz, citrine

Orange - change your luck; power; control of a situation. Examples: carnelian, jacinth

Blue - harmony; relationships; balance; practical creativity, particularly with the hands; fertility; growth. Examples; jade, malachite, amazonite

Brown - Earth Elementals; success; amplifies all Earth magic and psychic abilities; common sense. Examples: tiger eye, smoky quartz

Black - binding; defense by repelling dark magic; reversing spells and thoughtform into positive power; general defense;pessimism; feeling bound. Example: jet, onyx, obsidian 

Purple - breaking bad luck; protection, psychic and spiritual growth; success in long range plans. Examples: amethyst, beryl, quartz

Indigo - discovering past lives; karmic problems; balancing out karma; stopping undesirable habits or experiences. Examples: turquoise, amethyst, beryl


Amethyst by *Poetographer

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