At the Crescendo

I received Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick a few years ago from Barnes & Noble as an ARC. I loved it, I mean you know me and fallen angels. So when the sequel Crescendo came out you know I was all over it (even though it took me a while to read it).

It centers around Nora and her guardian angel boyfriend, Patch. In Hush, Hush we learn that Patch was a fallen angel and that he was going to sacrifice Nora, the female descendent of his Nephilim vessel, to gain his own body. Of course in the end he winds up falling in love with her, and saves her from his Nephilim vessel Chauncey. Which in turn gains him his wings back as her guardian angel.

In Crescendo we find that Nora and Patch have a forbidden romance going on. In a twisted turn Patch becoming Nora's guardian angel means they are no longer allowed to be together. Nora in an attempt to save him from losing his new found wings breaks up with him. It also is an attempt to spare her feelings when she thinks that Patch is cheating on her, of course he's not. But his refusal to tell her what he was doing at her "nemesis" house, a girl that has tormented Nora her whole life. But there's more going on than what the eye sees. Then there's the arrival of an old "friend" of Nora's that turns out to be a Nephil too.

Twists and turns, love and betrayal. Mystery and explanations. We find out some new interesting things. We also see that Patch really is the good guy. 

All in all it was a good read, but I did not like it as much as the first one. Not sure if that is my lack of time to read it, or that it just wasn't holding my attention the same way. I still would recommend it to my fellow fallen angel lovers. Especially to those that love a good mystery. But not sure it lived up to the first one.


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