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"I would not think of coming into your home, or into your church, and belittling your beliefs, though I disagree profoundly with them. Now, I do not expect you to worship as I do. In truth, I would never even think to attempt to sway you to my beliefs, even though I have a deep and abiding commitment to my Goddess. So all I insist upon is that you show me the same courtesy I have already awarded you. When you are in my 'home,' you respect my beliefs."


 Betrayed by PC and Kristen Cast

So of course this a quote from the bad guy in the series but I love this freaking quote. It is my second favorite so far of the series, but I think it's more than a quote. I mean she is asking for something that should be a common courtesy, I mean we extend it to other religions, do we not? I remember reading this the first time and going HELL YEAH you tell them! 

If you don't know the series, it's set in a world where Vampyres are real, you get marked by the Goddess Nyx with an outline of a crescent moon on your forehead and need to go to a House of Night to be around adult Vampyres or the change will kill you, it's a whole biology thing, chemical reactions are such. The vampyres in the series are a cross of vampyres and witches, they practice magic, worship a Goddess (Nyx), and drink blood after they complete the change, in their world the famous actors and musicians and such are actually all vampyres. After you become a Vampyre you are given a tattoo like mark, the crescent gets filled in and expanded on. 

Now the quote is from the High Priestess turned Bad Guy, to the main character's (Zoey Redbird future High Prietess) step-father who is an elder of the People of Faith (think uber-Christians with a dash of KKK tendencies). So basically Zoey's parents showed up for Parents' Day at the vampyre school, not to actually visit with Zoey but for her step-father to demean her new religion and call her a devil worshiper and tell her she should have died instead of become a creature of the night. Cue Neferet as the High Prietess, also the "head mistress" of the school with this awesome comeback. Needless to say Zoey's parents turned tail and ran, and did not return. 

Anyway I'm done with my tangent if you're interested in the series you can hop over to my book review blog Faery Tale Addict. I just think this is a great quote to think of and maybe tweak to use if you ever come across a preachy person in your own home.

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