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“Child, what I believe is that your Nyx is just another incarnate of our Blessed Mother, Mary.  I also believe devoutly in Matthew 7:1, which says ‘Judge not, that ye not be judged.”
Sister Mary Angela
Untamed by PC Cast & Kristen Cast

Yes it's another House of Night quote, sorry but if you knew me and the series you would completely understand. Hello, Vampires that are Pagans! Anyway I like this quote because it basically embodies my belief that all are one. Plus it's a NUN that says it and quotes scripture back when Zoey asks why the nun didn't throw them out for being fledgling vampires. 

I think if more people had an attitude even close to this (fictional) character it would tremendously help out. I know from the whole Circle of Moms Faith Blogs incident that there are some Christians that do believe this way. But there are those that believe we are going to hell (I call them family, joking, kind of).


  1. I am also an HoN fan & really the nun's explanation is how I'd help my mom understand my spiritual choice if I could ever grow a set to tell her. It's not that my mom and I aren't close, just religion is....... touchy with my very catholic family. (Mom runs religious ed in footsteps of grandparents, nuns, deacon & monsignier all in the family)
    Anyway enough of the life story, mostly just wanted to say I love that part of the series. :)

  2. I love it to, and don't worry I haven't grown a set to tell them either. I just don't deny or hide it.


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