Past Lives

Morgaine in the fairy country by
Past lives, the belief that we have lived before, that we were someone else, or something else.

I had this beliefs, I also have clear memories of having lived before this life. The first and clearest memory, and the one backed up by others, is that I was Morgan (Morgaine, Morganne, Morganna) LeFey. I was probably the most famous priestess of the Isle of Avalon.

Miss Morgan of the Faeries. 

Sitting down to watch the Mist of Avalon with me is probably one of the most annoying things, I sit there (first time I ever watched it) and yell out that's not right! or that's not what happened! I say this is the one backed up by others because it is, every psychic has said it, only one professional psychic but that's the only one I had money for, but my friends that are psychics, and my friends that are from that time. 

I even dated someone that I killed when I was Morgan, and it was after a similar set up, I was holding his sword pointed at his throat, when I was Morgan I killed him, this time I didn't. Both times he had cheated on me. After that I received more memories of Morgan. I understood a lot more about myself, both then and now. I also learned that I have always been a witch, a Pagan, and that I have died most times by refusing to deny my beliefs or gifts. 

I remember living on the Emerald Isle. I remember being a redheaded priestess of Bast in Egypt. I remember being a worshiper of Aphrodite in Greece. I remember being a tarot reading gypsy here in America, that was killed for continuing to read tarot cards. I remember wearing a torque as a Celt. I remember battles, loves, births, deaths. I remember most recently my Guardian, who I have "met" again in this life. 

I remember always fighting for my beliefs. 

What do you remember?

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