Paganism and Worship

The Goddess by
One of the things I love about Paganism is that it is a make it yours religion. There is no one way to do things, no right or wrong way. You worship in a way that feels right to you. Paganism is such a multifaceted religion that it is a tree with many branches, that tends to grow with you as you grow and learn. 

Many have patron Goddesses or Gods, many worship the Lord and Lady, some worship just the Goddess, some worship the Greater Being or the Universe at large.

I personally worship the Goddess and God, I emphasis that the Goddess is first since in my mind she created the God. I believe that the difference Goddesses and Gods are different faces of the same duo. Which isn't to say that I don't call them by different names depending on what I'm doing. (For example whenever Hubby bothers me I say Oh sweet Aphrodite cause she definitely wasn't thinking when she hooked us up!)

I also bring my heritage into my believes. I am descended from Cherokees, Celtics, Druids, and a few gypsies. My bio-father's family is also descended from the famous Merlin, fancy that! (I was also Morgan LeFey in a past life!) So I try to incorporate those beliefs into my own. Which is quite easy to do, and where I got the idea for Same Thing, Different Brand.

So to recap my own personal branch of Paganism is a little Cherokee, a dash of Celtic, pinch of Druid, a little gypsy, tons of kitchen witchery, duo-theist for the most part, a shake of Egyptian, and 100% me.

What's your branch like?

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