My Element, My Home

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I am a complete water rat, there is just no way to get me out of the water. My favorite Disney princess is (shocker) Ariel, the Little Mermaid. My zodiac sign is Aquarius, the Water Bearer. My element is water (and air). My last name means "by the brook." My favorite mythological creatures are mermaids, selkies, and nixies. My favorite vacation spot is the Beach. My favorite sport is swimming.

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You get the picture right? I am Water.

I am never more at home, or at peace with myself than when I am sitting on a beach watching the waves roll in. Well unless I'm out in the water, in the current, floating. Nothing makes me feel more connected with the goddess than watching the sun rise over the water. (I haven't had the pleasure of watching the moon rise over it yet.)

If I could I don't think I would ever leave the water. I definitely would prefer to live by the beach.

I think the greatest thing would be to wake up every day and see the ocean.

To feel that close to the Goddess every day.

Where do you see the Goddess?

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