Hydration, are you drinking enough water?

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook you have probably seen me saying my feet are swollen. I figured out the other day that I actually haven't been drinking as much water as I should be. I then found out even when I thought I was drinking enough I was way off. I actually downloaded one of those track your water apps, and I'm pleased to say that my feet are pretty much back to normal and I've not been having a certain bathroom issue. Although I've been needing to pee quite often now.

According to my app I was suppose to drink almost 4L of water a day just for the fact that I am lactating. I reminded hearing that your water consumption should also be based on your weight. So off to Google I went searching for a water calculator. I found one and I need to add almost 2L to what I thought I should be drinking.

Right now since I was having the ... ahem, runs, and I'm nursing, and cause of my body weight I need to drink 5.7L of water a day. Once I am done with my bathroom issue, then I can drop that down to 5.5L a day. I'm willing to do it, since I'm happy to have my feet at a normal size, and drinking enough water and can also make sure you don't over eat, help with keeping my breast milk supply, and might help me lose some weight.


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