For I Follow the Goddess Bast

Bast at work by
We're all a bunch of cat women.

I posted in Past Lives that I remember being a redheaded priestess of the Goddess Bast. I don't remember much but I do remember having red curly hair and looking out over the Nile and hearing someone call for the priestess of Bast. 

I remember that cats followed me. 

They still follow me now. I have had quite a few cats in my 27 years in this life. I would have had more if it were up to me, less if it was up to my mom. I always tell how I asked my mom for a cat, she got me a parakeet. I asked for a cat again, and received a Rottweiler, go figure that one out. I asked again and finally received my sweet Willie cat. He came when you whistled! He took to the dog training better than my Hercules the evil stupid dog (literally the dog walked into WALLS repeatedly!) Sadly though once I got the cat, she kicked him outside. He sprayed her closet, big deal, well not for me since it wasn't my closet. Anyway Willie was great, he came when you whistled, he listened to direction, he followed me when I did ritual outside, he even survived being hit by a car (he just had gross dead tail afterward). But I digress .... 


The lioness headed Goddess of Egypt, although now depicted with the head of a house cat. She is a protectress. She is a mother. She is often found depicted as pregnant or with a brood of cats following her. She can also be found with a lioness mask, to hint at her ferocity.
But in all honesty what house cat doesn't have a hint of ferocity behind it's calm demeanor?

She is most recently given a nod in the TV series The Nine Lives of Chloe King, where she is the creator of the Mai, the Desert Hunters. Basically supercharged demi-gods with feline powers. (I'll admit I'm addicted, I watch the shows and buy them on iTunes.) It's also a book series which I hope to read.

She was given a good nod, albeit not a well noticed one, in the movie Catwoman. Yes it's one of my guilty pleasure movies. It was not well received in theaters but I think most were expecting the origin of the supervillian Catwoman, not a woman that was cat like. In the movie a cat supposedly sacred to Bast decides that Patience Phillips needs to keep living after being killed. The cat breathes life back into her, but the life of a cat, not the shy graphic artist. She at first is playful like a house cat as she comes into her abilities, then she uses them to help take down her former job that was responsible for her death. I felt that the movie needed more history into the cat and Bast, but that's just me. 

I used to be quite the cat like myself, lithe and flexible. Just you know without the super powers. And I completely attribute that to my time as a priestess of Bast. Now if she would just help me get back to that. Also maybe to be more Mai like, with the super powers and all. Maybe. Possibly.  =)

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