Eight Weeks Ago

One day old!
Eight weeks ago I had my beautiful, thriving, preemie princess, Monday she will be officially 2 months old! How crazy is that? She is only a week old adjusted, not that she really goes by that since she is doing great developmentally. The doctor's ask if she is smiling yet, I respond yup she has dimples, and she holds her head up some and does the baby push ups, to which they reply wow she's strong. I laugh and say well her brother started rolling over at 3 weeks old, so I guess I just have strong kids, and you guys gave this one steroids!

I'm an angel (fish)


  1. She really is amazing. She looks like she's already got a sense of humour too.

  2. Oh yes she does, she laughs at me in her sleep when I'm nursing her lol


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