Baby Registries

So all my pregnancy with Ariel I was told I wasn't having a baby shower and not to bother with a registry.

One reason I was given was that it's tacky to have a shower for your second baby, which I completely disagree with. I mean for personal reasons of no space I have next to nothing of what I used with AJ, also Ariel is a girl! Meaning I needed girl clothes at the very least, and come on who doesn't love shopping for little girl clothes? Then there's the whole point of a baby shower (in my opinion) to see all your family and friends and celebrate the coming baby!

The other reason I was given was that my mom didn't have the time to plan and throw a shower till after my due date, she works for BOCES so her last day of work was Ariel's due date, June 24th, that one I completely understood. She was going to help me and Hubby plan a Sip & See party but that didn't happen since Ariel came early!

Well either way I didn't have a shower but I did make a registry both at Target and Babies R Us, I did it with the hopes of using that nice big finish-your-registry coupons to help with the baby purchases. Now that her due date has come and gone I'm looking at my registries and kicking myself in the butt! Since everyone kept saying I wasn't having a shower and not to make a registry I only put the basics down, which since she came early I already bought them! So now I have 2 big coupons and nothing to get. What I want now isn't on the registry so I can't use the coupon. But I did find out I had the right stroller on both registries, which isn't what I have now. I also had the breast pump that I don't get to use now but I already bought. Besides that it's just everyday things that I don't really need, or big ticket items that we can't afford or have space for.

So lesson learned, no matter what anyone says I'm going registry happy next time and adding everything I think is remotely cute or cool.


  1. I can totally commiserate, the Peanut and the Bean are four years and six months apart in age. Most of our baby things are either out of date or long since given away. I'm fortunate that we have friends who had their seconds well before we did and kept some of their things. We've been gifted with hand me downs galore.

    I wonder if you couldn't contact the stores to see if you could use the coupons for things that aren't on your list since your little mermaid cme early?

  2. Oh and people (especially ones without kids) don't seem to get that unless you have the kid in the same season it's kind of useless as babies to keep the clothes. I found this out when my friend who had a summer baby tried to give me clothes for AJ who was born New Years Day, and everything was a season off.

    I think I might contact them and see, I mean they might be able to do something.


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