Same Thing, Different Brand

Now a few years ago, after the pot, before the kids, when I had more brain cells to spare and was so tired of the comments about how I was such a good Christian, when I would smile and nod and think "yeah except I'm PAGAN!" I started seriously thinking about religions, thinking about how the were the same but different. This was when I came up with my little saying of "Same thing, different brand" I mean if you really think about, down to it's basic principles all religions are about the same thing, they just go about it in a different way.

The really good way I could think to explain it was that you are walking on a street, you look around and every little thing is different. The buildings, the people, the plants, the colors, everything. You start walking up a hill, and look back at the same street, well now you can't tell the difference between every little thing anymore. You can make out the different shapes, and big colors, sizes in people, but not in as much detail. The you climb a mountain and look back down at that same street, well now everything looks the same, the people, the building, all the same thing.

If you think of this in the aspect of religion, if you dig deep enough and actually study different religions you will find the same core values in them. It's just the way they worship is different.

The two most obvious that I take our Paganism and Christianity. These two are so much alike they can't stand it, at least that's how I view it. These are also the easiest for me to dissect since I was raised Christian and was blatantly Pagan (at least in my mind).

The one true God versus the many Gods and Goddesses: In Christianity, particularly Catholicism you have saints for everything. Need to travel, we have a saint for that. Need healing, we have a saint for that too. In Paganism it's just Gods and Goddesses for everything. Need to travel, we have a God for that, need healing we have a Goddess for that. Plain and simple. For me I view the different Gods and Goddesses as different facets of the Goddess and God, just as Christians view the different saints as sons and daughters of God.

The Bible has many stories and fables designs to teach Christians right from wrong. Pagans have stories of the Goddesses and Gods that do the same thing. The only difference there is that our Gods learn something, change and grow.

Christians look at their God in the holy trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Pagans view that Goddess in the trinity, Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Christians do unto others as they would have done onto them. Pagans who follow the Wicca path, follow the Rede of as it harms none do as ye will.

There are many other things like that above that I found. Many things that I found that I would have loved to share with my Christian family to show that I'm not following the path of the devil or whatever. But I realized, my silence speaks loudly than my words ever could on this subject. I'm thought of as a good Christian while in reality I am just being a good Pagan.

I will probably put more down when I can. I might even try to look for my original essay I wrote. 


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