Grow Baby Grow

Look at the chubby face!
Today was Ariel's check up and she is now a chubby little preemie weighing in at 7lbs even! She also is now 20" long. Now if you remember just 2 weeks ago she was 5lbs 13.5oz and 19" long. So I she did a great growth. I guess I can probably stop worrying that she isn't eating enough now. The nurse even had to ask if she saw us the last time cause Ariel's face looks completely different now.

The doctor did still hear the heart murmur, the cardiologist appointment is for next week, he was a bit disappointed at that. Then the week after we have the check up with her NICU doctor for after her due date, can't believe that she is almost to her due date already. And since we have those other appointments her doctor said she can wait till she's 2 months old to come in for a well visit and get her shots (so not looking forward to that).

Oh and not only will she be going but AJ will be having his well visit that same day, don't remember if he gets shots or not but at least Hubby is coming with us cause I don't think I could handle 2 kids at the doctor's for check ups. Yikes!


  1. She's beautiful! And that's an impressive weight gain, too! I know how scary a heart murmur can be. My 5 month old has one also, and he is getting his checked at a pediatric cardiologist tomorrow morning.I'm more than a little terrified, but from what I understand, more often than not murmurs aren't very serious and are pretty common. I'm your newest follower!


  2. Yay! Glad to hear things are going well Mama! She is Beautiful!

  3. Thanks Brandy and I'm hoping it's nothing too, her doctor was just hoping it might have gone away already. And welcome to my blog, just checking out yours now.

    Thanks LJ! I'm happy she's doing so great too.


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