Finding Time

Ever feel like you don't have enough time in the day?

I have been feeling like that for the past few weeks mainly since Ariel has decided the best place to be is either on mommy or next to me. The moby wrap does help to get some stuff done but with the big things I need to do I have to be able to bend and move and not worry about a baby falling out. It's been a fight just to be able to put her down to get on here this morning.

It's not so much as time that I need but space and to get space I need money to get money I need a job but to get a job I need to leave my baby and toddler which I can't do. Yeah I might complain that Ariel has the separation anxiety but I have it to. Plus I'm trying to exclusively breastfeed which means I'm nursing on demand and I just don't get enough with pumping to do it that way, unless I were to take pumping breaks every 2 hours on the dot and even then I'm not sure it would be enough. Not to mention that once we go to recert for GA and I add Hubby and Ariel to the account I will most likely lose my cash assistance since he "makes too much" by their standards, which means I won't get state aid with daycare, which means if I did get a job out of the home my whole paycheck would go to daycare, not worthy it. So, in order to get money without leaving the kiddios I need to work from home which means I need time to get on the computer and research and blog and promote. It's kind of a weird cycle here. Not unlike the cycle Hubby goes through, which is looking for a new job he needs time to do so but can't with his job but he doesn't want to leave without having a new job.

Round and round we go, anyone besides me dizzy yet?

I haven't even had a chance to celebrate the sabbats, I do honor them how I can but I don't get a chance to go out and get supplies and have time to actually do a ritual. I really missed doing something for Beltane, I was planning on going to festivals and getting henna on the baby belly, I was in the hospital for that one. Then Midsummer I wanted to do something special, thank the faeries for guarding me and my family (whether good or bad who knows) and to celebrate the summer but alas it came and went and I did nothing more than wish everyone a Happy Midsummer!

There's always next year! Here's hoping we're at our own place by then and I'm making some sort of money from home.


  1. It gets easier when they get older. Oh wait, no it doesn't. I STILL feel like there aren't enough hours in the day and mine are 5, 9, and 11!

  2. It sounds like my life...only my girl is now 4. LOL Same issue with "if I had a job the whole thing would go to daycare"...and I always wanted to be a I had to learn to do with less. I dont do mani/pedis, no hair appointments, no gym membership, no 'out with the girls' (daughter and I have separation issues too)...
    We have a roof over our head, food in the cupboard, and my daughter is happy and healthy...
    Yes, I'd like to have some more 'me' time (heck, going potty by myself would be heaven)...even though she is 4 yrs old, I cant take an afternoon to just read in bed, or paint ceramics.
    90% of my magical stuff is in a box, so for me to do a ritual requires pulling everything out and setting up; and after my daughter goes to bed...I'm too tired to put in the effort. LOL
    I've tried 4 different 'home businesses' and sucked at them all...LOL
    I'm grateful to find other pagan mom's online to commiserate with. :-P (seeing as I cant find many in my town)
    I wish you all the luck and happiness!
    (And I'm off to find you on FB) LOL

  3. @PaganMomBlog I figured my little brother is 9 and my mom still can't find time to do everything when she's home with him in the summer. She was a SAHM till he went into school, she now works from BOCES so she is off all summer with him.

    @lynnsdecor I don't do mani/pedis or hair appointments besides when AJ looks like a rag doll and then we go to Fantastic Cuts for both of us it's $30 maybe twice a year. no gym membership and usually if I go out with the girls for coffee it's with my mom and she pays =) I'm just looking to be able to do the whole WAH thing.

  4. Hey, lady, I'm going to try again.

    So, first of all...take a deep breath. It's hard with a new baby, let alone with a new baby and a toddler. So don't wig out about that. Try to make a daily schedule that words for you and include AJ in the chore time, but other than that, give yourself a break while you work out the new additions to your life.

    Second, have you thought about keeping a child or two in your home? CPR certifications are fairly cheap, and you can earn a couple of hundred dollars per week per child. Alternately, you might try to find work in a daycare center. Many centers offer free or reduced childcare for employees, and you'd be close to them. (Of course, the pay is ridiculously low.)

    Finally, I don't know that you have to spend a lot of money for ritual supplies--or time. Taking a walk near your house and finding things that mean something to you and your environment might be a great (and cheap) way of incorporating magic in your family's life.

    As a side note, I'm a Georgian myself, so if you need any info about the state, just let me know.

  5. It's totally hard to get things done with the kids! Especially when they are that young. My youngest had to be on me all the time when he was little. Sleeping, had to be on me otherwise he would sleep for like 5 minutes. It's rough. The house got away from me, but they are only young this time, and things will get easier!

    I so hope you figure out the money thing!

  6. @Not Hannah I would love to do some child care but I don't live in my own home and my grandparents don't really keep a safe environment for kids. I will look into day care centers once I feel up to working. Right now it's not feasible I know it.

    Thanks for the advice though! That's great =)

    @Alison I will if I ever do lol

  7. I'm dizzy too! It's not do much that I want me time as I need time to edit photos & try to do something to make some money. *hugs* I really want to be a work at home mom but it's not looking good. :(

  8. I know! It's so hard to do something from home without putting a ton of money (which you don't have) into it. I focus most of my few moments on blog work. I'm trying to finish my book reading for my other blog. It's hard to get a good following.


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