Fall into City of Fallen Angels

Now if you have been following me you know that I love Cassandra Clare's series the Mortal Instruments. Now I did manage before having my little girl Ariel to finish reading City of Fallen Angels and of course I loved it!

Finally we get to see Jace and Clary have somewhat of a normal relationship, at least one were they admit to having feelings and don't think they are related. Of course as usual for them someone has to mess with things. So Jace is having nightmares that he kills Clary after telling her he loves her and he runs away to try and protect Simon in a weird attempt to show he cares about Clary while hiding from her. Clary realizes that her training actually has prepared her for life as a Shadowhunter even though she doesn't think so. Simon is finally coming to terms with being a vampire as a group of demon worshipers chase him around the city trying to kill him. We also meet Maia's first boyfriend that turned her and the mother of all demons. And we find out that (gasp!) Isabelle does have feelings!

If you love the realm of faerie and demons, if you loved the first three Mortal Instruments, if you want to see what happens with Jace and Clary the I definitely recommend this book! It is faery approved!

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