Can we say growth spurt?

Big girl!
So Ariel went to her cardiologist appointment yesterday and I think it's safe to say she is having a growth spurt. Just last week at her pedi she was 7lbs even and 20" long well .... she is now (insert drum roll) 7lbs 15oz and 21" long!

That could explain why I feel like she's nursing all the time. Although she is still taking a bottle, which I'm trying wean her off of, she is still only taking 2oz or less most of the time. I think that if I only had her to look after and could just spend a whole day at home with nothing to do but nurse her I could break her of the bottle. The problem with that is of course that I do have a toddler and I usually have 50 million things to do since I can never do everything I need to.

Anyways I'm just so happy to see that she is growing so well and doesn't really look like a preemie anymore. Oh and the cardiologist said he didn't hear anything alarming and that her murmur should close itself over time.


  1. That's great news! Little by slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) she'll get bigger and stronger and more and more energetic. It's hard to believe my little one is going to be 7 this year! I remember when she was a tiny little person, and now she gives me fashion advice (such as how a pink streak would look very cool in my hair). I think I really like her advice!

  2. Hmm that sounds like my brother when my mom let him dye his bangs green, he wanted her to get a streak of green too. He was also 7 at the time and she did it! He's now 9 and I remember when he was a little guy.


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