I love it! I really really do. I did it with Monster and I'm doing it with Mermaid.

It promotes tons of good stuff, like milk supply, sleep habits, regulates the breathing, and generally just makes the baby happier. Some people think it's hippie like, but it's older than that, think Native American cradle-boards, think to how women must have done everything they did with a baby around, yeah I'm willing to bet they wrapped them up and slung them over their shoulder. It's great for bonding with the baby and for that oh so important skin-to-skin contact, especially with my little preemie girl.

With Mermaid we are using the mobywrap, it's the only one truly recommended for use with preemies. With Monster I had a sling. Both are fairly easy to use and are even easier with practice. 

So do you babywear? What's your favorite way to do it? What are your reasons for doing it?


  1. That last picture is my mom with Monster

  2. I did this with our daughter out of necessity. She would cry every time I put her down so I finally bought a snuggy type of thing so I could hold her more comfortably. It was a really special time, and I'm glad for it. She and I are very close now, and she's 6. =)

  3. I'm starting to have that problem with my daughter now, she is actually fusses if she isn't near me now. Funny how she was fine in the NICU when they made her wait.

  4. I have an Ergo carrier. Other than getting to be close to her when I need my hands free I use it because the Jelly Bean was and is a big baby girl (9lb 2.5oz at birth, 19lb 3.5oz at 5months) and it's easier on my arms and back than trying to juggle her. She snuggles in on my chest and I get a faster way to leave the house, no need to lug the stroller up and down stairs just grab a diaper bag and head out the door.

  5. Oh yeah I definitely love the carriers for that when I had my son, but now I need the stroller to contain him when we go out lol.


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