Restrictions Landed Me Back with my Grandparents

So after a L&D visit for Braxton Hicks that got painful and lasted over an hour, I went for my after ultrasound follow up. The good news I passed my glucose test (YAY) but I got more restrictions for the low lying placenta (BOO).

  • no sexual intercourse
  • nothing in the vagina
  • no tub baths
  • no lifting/pulling/pushing over 10lbs
  • no stairs more than 5 times a day
  • limited bending
  • limited time on my feet
And they wrote me out of school/work till after delivery.

So after taking the note I got from the doctor and talking with my case manager at Project Life, we were going to just have Boyfriend move into there with me. At first we thought it was going to work, she made it seem like they would just take my cash assistance away and make Boyfriend put like $100/month away. Well no she was way off. They wanted to take away all my cash assistance and have him put almost $900/month away! That would have left us with less than $200/month which would cover the insurance for one car and maybe a tank of gas. Not feasible when Boyfriend works an hour away. Plus we wouldn't be able to get diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, all the non-food stuffs that you need for a house. The problem was they weren't taking his child support garnishes into account, just looking at his gross pay, and also not listening to us about the bills we have.

After this whole debacle we decided that it would best for me to move back in with my grandparents, where Boyfriend can be there, and I can have the help I need. Boyfriend was trying to pitch that he would come during visiting hours then we found out that visiting hours during the week don't start till 4pm, not going to work. Then my case manager wanted me to just put Monster in daycare all week, no I'm not going to put him there while I sit upstairs doing nothing. I like my kid, thanks.

So currently we are in the midst of unpacking my room and then clearing out the computer room. We are going to be moving Monster with his brand new toddler bed into the computer room, and also getting one for Her Majesty (Boyfriend's daughter) and setting it up in there. That way they can sleep in there, they both have their own beds, and then we have space for our stuff in my room. We figure the toys are out in the living room so they really just need a place to sleep, so they won't be in there other than that. Since the computer room is never going to get cleaned out like Grandma wants it to be, and it's also never going to get cleaned out how I want.

It will do for now and at least now I don't have to worry about Monster falling or getting sick and not being able to pick him up.


  1. Let's see if we can get my comment to post this time. (It wasn't working yesterday for some reason, I blame my net. ha ha!)

    Boo about restrictions and having to move back Mama. Unpacking is icky, we're still working on unpacking the last few boxes... (Well I am, not so much DH..ha ha!) I'm glad you have some support and I hope you can move back asap. ;)

  2. We're back in, just not all unpacked. Boyfriend says he's going to do it tomorrow but I don't see how.

  3. Too bad you can't find apartments like the one I live in. You pay 30% of your income, period. And they deduct child support. My man and me and my kids live here and pay nothing, because we are both students and they can't count our loans.

  4. We're looking into income based housing now. =)


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