Baby Two is a No Show!

So I was all excited cause Monday was the big ultrasound day, I was going to finally be able to see what Baby Two is. Yeah or so I thought. This one decided to the opposite of it's brother and instead of kicking the ultrasound wand and swimming away, she/he just stayed in an "awkward position" to where the tech couldn't see what the sex was, or get most of the measurements she needed. Thankfully that means that I have another ultrasound scheduled for, I think this is hilarious, St. Patty's Day.

But I was just wondering, why do my kids want two ultrasounds? Monster boy did his whole hide and seek thing, then the next ultrasound first thing the tech says is you're having a boy. I'm hoping that it works the same for Baby Two.

Mommy says it's a girl since she wouldn't show, but then again she also said Monster was a girl cause we couldn't see. Boyfriend says it's a girl cause that is what he gave me. I also think it's a girl just cause the pregnancy has been very different from Monster's and I keep saying her and she in reference to Baby Two, with Monster I always said he and his.


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  2. Thanks for the info, she did show on the next ultrasound.

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