Are you a Daughter of the Sea?

I did one of my read while shopping. I picked up Daughters of the Sea: May by Kathryn Lasky, I read the first one Daughters of the Sea: Hannah last year when it came out, not actually sure if I finished it now that I think about it. But I did like the series.

In Daughters of the Sea: May we meet May Plum, a young girl with a horrible mother and a sweet doormat of a father, and they live in a lighthouse. Never before has May questioned who she was, or why she wasn't allowed into the sea, even though they lived so close. She's just taken life as it was, dealing with her mother's "complications" as she liked to put them. Till one day her father falls, and breaks the chimney for the lighthouse, during a storm. A boat crashes and even though May stands and watches she can't help shaking a feeling that she could swim and she could save the lost men.

One day, she finds out through her mother, that she is in fact not their daughter. That her father found her. She starts looking into things, a chest that she never paid attention to, she manages to open. Inside she finds the means to which her father found her. When she ventures into the sea one night, she finds that she is a mer! And that she has sisters. She falls in love with a Harvard scholar, meets her sister, and together they find the wrecked ship they must of been born on.

I personally kind of loved this book, but I've always had a soft spot for mermaids. I found it to be a great romance story, and about choosing to be your own person.

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