It's a .....

GIRL!! Yes it's a official, my little Princess uncrossed her legs and cooperated finally. We're having a little girl, Ariel. Yay! I know what I'm having, I can finish my registries, I can go shopping (when I find money) and can stop calling her an it.

That's the good news, the bad is that I have a low lying placenta. Apparently it's somewhat common since I had a c-section with Monster. The placenta will just attach to the scar tissue. I don't think that is the issue here cause if that's what happened they would have noticed in the two other ultrasounds I had in the past month. So that leads me to think that the placenta has been migrating down, instead of up like some other women that have this issue.

Now the short list of restrictions I was given at the ultrasound is no sexual intercourse, nothing in the vagina, no baths (which I wasn't doing anyway), no lifting over 10lbs, and to watch for spotting and/or bleeding. Now the no lifting over 10lbs means I can't lift my son at all. I also after calling back to check cause my mom brought it up, I can't push him in a stroller either! This basically means that me and Monster are stuck at home unless we get someone to come out with us. Since I can't put him in the car seat, I can't push the stroller, I can't pick him up if he throws a fit, etc.

I'm just kind of wishing they had noticed this earlier cause I wouldn't have moved into Project Life. Because basically now I need someone with me to help out. I can't do pretty much anything with Monster, I can't go grocery shopping, and I can't even really do my laundry cause when it's all done it's over 10lbs. Which to give some insight to how little 10lbs is, the MacBook I'm using right now is 6lbs, yes Boyfriend weighed it last night before letting me take it home.

I'm hoping that when I go for my prenatal appointment I can explain everything to my midwife and get a note listing all the restrictions and possible get her to write that I need to have someone with me to help out. Cause Project Life at the moment, just blew this off, well my case manager there did, she was just like he's 2 he, walks, you don't need to carry him, you just need someone to help with groceries. Um no lady, I need someone to help with a lot of shit. Plus he's 2 years old, not 5! There are times when you need to pick up a toddler, like when they throw a tantrum, if they are hurt or sick (Goddess forbid) or if they fall asleep somewhere.

Wish me luck this weekend.

Are you a Daughter of the Sea?

I did one of my read while shopping. I picked up Daughters of the Sea: May by Kathryn Lasky, I read the first one Daughters of the Sea: Hannah last year when it came out, not actually sure if I finished it now that I think about it. But I did like the series.

In Daughters of the Sea: May we meet May Plum, a young girl with a horrible mother and a sweet doormat of a father, and they live in a lighthouse. Never before has May questioned who she was, or why she wasn't allowed into the sea, even though they lived so close. She's just taken life as it was, dealing with her mother's "complications" as she liked to put them. Till one day her father falls, and breaks the chimney for the lighthouse, during a storm. A boat crashes and even though May stands and watches she can't help shaking a feeling that she could swim and she could save the lost men.

One day, she finds out through her mother, that she is in fact not their daughter. That her father found her. She starts looking into things, a chest that she never paid attention to, she manages to open. Inside she finds the means to which her father found her. When she ventures into the sea one night, she finds that she is a mer! And that she has sisters. She falls in love with a Harvard scholar, meets her sister, and together they find the wrecked ship they must of been born on.

I personally kind of loved this book, but I've always had a soft spot for mermaids. I found it to be a great romance story, and about choosing to be your own person.

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop

This week's question comes from Mina who blogs at Mina Burrows:

 "If you could physically put yourself into a book or series…which one would it be and why?"
Oh I love this question! I have a few series that I would LOVE to be in. They are the House of Night series, the Wicked Lovely series, the Mortal Instruments series and the Tithe series.

Awakened (House of Night)Burned (House of Night, Book 7)Marked: A House of Night NovelTempted (House of Night, Book 6)Hunted (A House of Night Novel)Chosen: A House of Night NovelBetrayed: A House of Night NovelUntamed (House of Night, Book 4)

I mean come on hello? Vampires that are witches! Totally my scene.

Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely (Quality))Darkest Mercy (Wicked Lovely)Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely (Quality))Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely)Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely, Book 3)

If you can't tell from my blog name I love the Fae! I love how Melissa Marr uses Celtic and Irish myths.

City of Bones (Mortal Instruments)City of Glass (Mortal Instruments)City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments)City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments, Book 4)

Again, just one word. Fae. 

Tithe: A Modern Faerie TaleIronside: A Modern Faery's TaleValiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie

I fell in love, hard for this series. I actually read these then got into the Spiderwick Chronicles.


I just wanted to check in and let my followers know that I'm still alive and still reading!

Sorry that I haven't been posting as much, as you might or might not know I am pregnant and have a toddler to run after. In addition to that this past week I have been packing and moving and unpacking. But I'm still trying to read.

I am currently reading Cloaked by Alex Flinn. I hope to finish it soon and post my review! Thanks for sticking around during this lull.

Friday Blog Hop

Book Blogger Hop

"Do you read only one book at a time, or do you have several going at once?"
This depends on what book I am reading. I normally can only read one kind of book at a time. So say I'm reading a novel and a book on blogging, which I currently am doing, that is fine. But I can't really do two novels at once. They need to be completely different types of books.

Book Blog Hop

Book Blogger Hop

So I decided to do my first Book Blog Hop! Yay! I'm doing it from Crazy For Books. This week the question is:

 "If I gave you £50 (or $80) and sent you into a bookshop right now, what would be in your basket when you finally staggered to the till?"
So let's see what do I want. The Fledgling Handbook 101 by PC Cast, Awakened by PC Cast & Kristen Cast, City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare, Nyx in the House of Night by PC Cast, The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore, Radiant Darkness by Emily Whitman, and Identical by Ellen Hopkins. I think that would be about $80.

The Fledgling Handbook 101 (House of Night)Awakened (House of Night)Nyx in the House of Night: Mythology, Folklore and Religion in the PC and Kristin Cast Vampyre SeriesThe Power of SixRadiant DarknessIdentical City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments, Book 4)