Practical Magic, Practically a Must Read

I know, I know I'm stepping away from my usual Teen Fiction genre but I just finished reading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman, and absolutely loved it! It's funny because I have watched the movie Practical Magic a billion times and never realized it was based off a book. However once I did, I had to read the book.

There is big differences between the movie and book, I actually prefer both versions, which is very rare of me. Usually I'm hands down loved the book more, but I can see where the movie made more sense as it was done. And I love the actors they choose.

Anyway in the book it starts off about the same, Sally and Gillian as little girls, just orphaned and now living with their aunts. Only in the book, their parents went on vacation and died from a fire, and Sally demanded that the aunts take them in. But they still grow up working around the garden, being treated like outsiders in the town, and watching their aunts deal with love magic. 

As they grow up, Gillian runs off across the country getting married and divorced. Sally stays home with the aunts, cooking and cleaning, and eventually falling in love. She has her two girls, Antonia and then Kylie. After her husband dies, she hides away for a year and lets the aunts have their way with the girls, who they dote on. Then finally she wakes up and moves out of the house. Wanting to be somewhere that they aren't the Owens girls, where not everyone treats like outsiders, like witches.

She makes a small, boring life for her and her girls. She gets a house, a job, and keeps the girls fed and clothed, if not happy. Till Gillian shows up with her dead boyfriend in the backseat. They bury him beneath and lilacs and all sorts of craziness ensues. In the end they call the aunts to come down and help them. They realize what they should have always known, that the aunts loved them since the moment they took them in. The girls grow into young women, the sisters find love and independence.

All in all, I loved this book. There was some graphic language but less than in one of my favorite Ellen Hopkins books. I found it to be a moving story about growing up. About being true to yourself. About loving your family. And about learning to live on your own feet.

Remember to throw spilled salt over your shoulder, plant rosemary by your garden door, and to fall in love whenever you can.
Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman


  1. Hey! i'm a new follower via GFC! this book looks interesting, never heard of it before!

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  2. Have you heard of the movie? Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman were in it.


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