I've Fallen for you

I recently read Fallen by Lauren Kate, in all honesty, the cover drew me in. I thought it was such an interesting cover. What was this girl, why was she so upset, how can I get my hair like that (hehe just kidding)? Reading the blurb is what really hooked me.

In short, there is Daniel and Lucinda aka Luce, and every 17 years they meet, and they fall in love. That is when everything falls apart. Every 17 years Luce dies, she turns to ash. No matter what Daniel does, it always happens. Stay with her, stay away from her, she still dies. This time around things are different. Luce sees the shadows that come for her, she knows things about Daniel, and she was never baptized. You might think that was no big deal but here's the catch, Daniel is an angel, and him and Luce being or not being together could end a battle between the fallen angels. But now it has to happy this time because Luce won't come back in another 17 years. There's also Cam that makes Luce feel comfortable, yet uncomfortable. Who is on the wrong side of the fallen angel teams.

I really thought this was such an interesting book. I even bought the second one, Torment, before I even opened Fallen. But I think as we learned, I'm a sucker for this type of genre. I definitely recommend it.

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