Are you ready for Torment?

I read Fallen by Lauren Kate and was hooked. I mean who doesn't love fallen angels, demons and eternal love? Well I just finished the second book in the Fallen series, Torment.

In this installment we find Luce and Daniel parting ways yet again, but only while Daniel has a truce with the demons, all to keep the mysterious blind Outcasts from Luce. Daniel drops Luce off at Shoreline to become a part of the Nephilim class, which we can only assume is meant to help her uncover the secrets of her past lives, as she learns to call and learn from the Announcers.

I really did fall for this series. I've always had a soft part of the whole fallen angel story, and I will someday finish reading Paradise Lost. I would recommend this series for anyone that loves a good love story with an interesting background.


  1. This in on my TBR pile. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  2. I'm kind of really liking this series. It got my butt to hurry up and read them when I saw the next one Passion is coming out soon.


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