Are you ready for Torment?

I read Fallen by Lauren Kate and was hooked. I mean who doesn't love fallen angels, demons and eternal love? Well I just finished the second book in the Fallen series, Torment.

In this installment we find Luce and Daniel parting ways yet again, but only while Daniel has a truce with the demons, all to keep the mysterious blind Outcasts from Luce. Daniel drops Luce off at Shoreline to become a part of the Nephilim class, which we can only assume is meant to help her uncover the secrets of her past lives, as she learns to call and learn from the Announcers.

I really did fall for this series. I've always had a soft part of the whole fallen angel story, and I will someday finish reading Paradise Lost. I would recommend this series for anyone that loves a good love story with an interesting background.

Be Awakened

I am a House of Night fan, the series by P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast. The series is about vampires and they're connection with the goddess, Nyx. So of course, witchcraft and vampires, I was hooked. I've read the whole series, and The Fledgling Handbook. I just finished the newest one Awakened the other day.

In this book, we find Zoey and her Guardian, Stark just returned from the Otherworld, Nyx's land. They were on an ancient island with an almost forgotten about Vampire Queen. On this island is also the spirits and beings that the rest of the world has forgotten. Who with Zoey's blood can become physical again, not sure how that will play out in the next book, but I can't wait to find out. With Zoey's return from the Otherworld so is Kalone, which means that Rephaim leaves Stevie Rae to go to his father side. But he does eventually choose the right side, he chooses the path of the Goddess and to be by Stevie Rae's side. His gift and punishment for choosing wisely and for his past deeds, Nyx turns Rephaim to a completely human boy during the night to be with Stevie Rae, and he will be completely a raven during the day. We also have Zoey's mom finally choosing the right side, only to be killed by Darkness as a sacrifice, not the right one, so Nyx was able to give Heath a choice to return to Earth to help Zoey.

This book warmed my heart, and yes made me cry, but that might be the pregnancy hormones. I love this series, it reminds me to look deeper than the surface. As Nyx told Zoey the day she was marked in the first book, Marked.
"Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good." 

I've Fallen for you

I recently read Fallen by Lauren Kate, in all honesty, the cover drew me in. I thought it was such an interesting cover. What was this girl, why was she so upset, how can I get my hair like that (hehe just kidding)? Reading the blurb is what really hooked me.

In short, there is Daniel and Lucinda aka Luce, and every 17 years they meet, and they fall in love. That is when everything falls apart. Every 17 years Luce dies, she turns to ash. No matter what Daniel does, it always happens. Stay with her, stay away from her, she still dies. This time around things are different. Luce sees the shadows that come for her, she knows things about Daniel, and she was never baptized. You might think that was no big deal but here's the catch, Daniel is an angel, and him and Luce being or not being together could end a battle between the fallen angels. But now it has to happy this time because Luce won't come back in another 17 years. There's also Cam that makes Luce feel comfortable, yet uncomfortable. Who is on the wrong side of the fallen angel teams.

I really thought this was such an interesting book. I even bought the second one, Torment, before I even opened Fallen. But I think as we learned, I'm a sucker for this type of genre. I definitely recommend it.

Do you know the Scions of the Shadows?

I feel in love with the Faire Folk trilogy, Tree Shepherd's Daughter, Into the Wildewood, and The Secret of the Dread Forest by Gillian Summers. I couldn't wait to read the next trilogy, The Scions of the Shadows. I just finished reading the first one, Shadows of the Redwoods.

In the first trilogy, we met Keelie aka Keliel Heartwood in a difficult and new time of her life. Her mother had just died and she is being shipped off to her father that she doesn't even remember. The twist is where as Keelie thought her parents were divorce and that her father just never wanted her, they weren't. Big thing for a girl to find out, that her mother had lied to her about a pretty big party of her life, such as Keelie is half ELF.

In Shadows of the Redwoods Keelie is getting used to her role as a tree shepherdess, and half elf, and oh yeah the last shock that she's also part fairy from her mom's side. She's trying to figure out her relationship with her elf boyfriend Sean, and trying to juggle her normal life before she found everything out and now where trees talk to her. In this book we find out that apparently the elves were wrong and goblins still exist. And Keelie is part of a goblin prophesy and learns to use her dark fairy magic to help the trees of the Redwood forest.

If you love the Ren Faire and like the idea that maybe most of the people working there are fairies or elves, this is a great series to read. It's a hard to put down book once you get started. I definitely recommend it.