Forgetful demigod, uses Roman terms, it's The Lost Hero

After reading the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan I was counting the days to when I could buy The Lost Hero, the first in his Heroes of Olympus series. I mean I really am hooked on this whole modern mixing of the Greek gods. And who can deny feeling like a misfit during the teen years, and wishing there was some special reason for it?

Now we open on a young hero named Jason in The Lost Hero, who doesn't remember a thing but fights with gold and uses the Roman terms for the gods instead of Greek. Annabeth comes along with Butch, son of Iris, looking for Percy who is missing and instead finds Jason sizzling and missing a shoe. The oracle, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, sent Annabeth there saying she would find Percy, instead she finds the clue, Jason.

We do find upon Jason and his friends, Leo (son of Hephaestus) and Piper (daughter of Aphrodite), that the gods have been keeping their promise to Percy and claiming all their demigod, kids. Leo gets claimed right away, Piper gets claimed when the claiming would be most dramatic, and Jason they find have been claimed already, just not in a way they are used to, or that Chiron is willing to explain.  

Either way the three embark on their quest to save Hera, apparently Jason's patron, a gift from Zeus for (surprise, surprise) fathering two children with one mortal. Jason meets his sister, Thalia, along the way and explains part of his missing memories. He just remembered she was his sister. The twist is that Zeus was Zeus when he fathered Thalia, but he was his Roman aspect, Jupiter when he fathered Jason. And guess what? There's a whole another demigod camp out there in California for the Roman demigods. Apparently the Roman and the Greek demigods have fights, big fights, all out wars with each other.

We also find that Hera had taken away Jason's memories and that he was part of a trade of leaders, to bring peace. Guess who the other leader was? That's right, in the next book the Camp Half Blood demigods sail for California to find Annabeth's missing boyfriend in Son of Neptune.

Again, I just can't say enough how much I recommend these books to everyone. But then I'm a big Greek mythology nerd. But either way they are a funny, great, enjoyable read. That I definitely think will get kids into Greek mythology.

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