Talia & Jack, a whim, a kiss, true love

After reading Beastly by Alex Flinn, there was an excerpt for A Kiss in Time, I was hooked. I wanted it. I guess you could say I am a tad obsessed with fairy tales, but after The Little Mermaid, I would rate Sleeping Beauty as my favorite fairy tale.

Now as with Beastly, A Kiss in Time is a modern twist on Sleeping Beauty. Talia is the beautiful princess cursed to prick her finger on a spindle. Jack is a modern kid from Florida, whose parents sent him on a European museum summer trip. Jack gets bored and decides to ditch to the beach with a friend, only they get lost in Belgium and stumble upoEuphrasia, the kingdom of Princess Talia's father. It's a bumpy ride as both teach each other lessons on life and each other.

I loved how this was a twist but not too much of one. More like just shedding some light on the fuzzier spots. Expanding the 100 years sleep to 300 years, bringing the story to our time. Something that makes it easier to relate to. Definitely a story that teaches to you to look beyond the surface.

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