I Wore a Bikini and Loved It


Usually in the summer I wear tankinis, to you know cover my belly. Why? Because that's what you're suppose to do isn't it?

This summer I just could not do it, I couldn't. The extra fabric when you get out of the water just hanging and dripping. I couldn't. The thought just irked me. Not to mention plus size swimsuits also add in extra extra fabric for slimming and tightening and etc. I couldn't do it.

So I set out to get a top that would fit only to find out that none of the regular ones would hold my boobs! Seriously I'm a 38DD its not that unusual of a size. Got an athletic one that fit only to go home and find out that NONE of my bottoms fits. None of them, the majority being too big.

I gave in went to the store and looked through the plus size swimsuits. Found some high waisted bottoms that fit great and comfortably, and grabbed a top (which I later had to exchange for a smaller one). I could pull it away from my body without stretching the fabric, someone was going to get flashed.

But you know what? I couldn't be happier in my bikini I haven't been this comfortable swimming in years.

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