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Welcome, Merry Meet, Guten Tag!

Welcome to my little blog, this isn't the original blog it was Living a Faerie Tale (tricked ya it sends you back to Faerie Barista now) but I combined it, this also wasn't the original welcome post, I have been editing and fixing and redoing some posts. 

But anyhoo ...

Welcome to Faerie Barista! 

You're one stop shop or blog about parenting, life in general, blogging tips, photography, and mermaids! 

Also about gay rights (pansexual pride!) and Paganism. 

Blast from the past blog post below:

Is it easier to be open online?

I think one of the most wonderful things about being in an online community is that you feel that it is easier to be open. I have no problem online, admitting that I'm Pagan, a witch, and bisexual. I feel that I can find a much more positive reception online, and that it's easier to ignore the negative ones. I mean coming out of the 'broom' and bi closet to your family, gives them the ability to hurt you, and it's hard to just cut ties with them.

I find it easier to come out in small groups about my personal choices. Some of my cousins, know, some don't. I believe my mom suspects but will never admit it. I'm sure my grandparents would be destroyed to learn it. My boyfriend knows, and doesn't care one whit. Most of my friends know.

But it is SOOO much easier to come out online, something about the fact that we don't know the person on the other end. We don't have to meet them. It's 'safe' in other words.

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