Cold Treats

red treat

Couldn't decide what to shoot for this week's prompt: Red/Treat. Then it came to me all of a sudden while I was getting the girls some ice pops.

One lone red ice pop.

And inspiration hit. Cold treats. A red ice pop. Photos of my Ariel and the two sisters I baby sit, Ky and Ari. Sometimes its the simple things, like freezer pops, that spark inspirations. Besides who can resist taking photos of these sisters?

sisterly love

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Sometimes I get so caught up in work and the complicated parts of life that I forget to slow down. Other times I get too caught up in the simple parts and *gasp* forget to take photos. Or I'm just so busy rushing from point A to point B lately. But today reminded me to slow down and to grab photos of those moments.

Nurture Photography Challenge - Summer 2013 Edition


  1. So so cute! They're really enjoying those ice pops! And the curls... Adorable!

    Thank you so much for sharing these with us in the Nurture Photography Challenge! Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Amanda Jillian B.August 2, 2013 at 3:49 PM

    Thanks! They are adorable aren't they?


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