So I raise bookworms

Friday, August 24, 2012

Not often that me and the boyfriend get our girls to ourselves. So when we got the chance last Friday we took them out to Barnes & Noble to play with the books. Cause you know I raise bookworms.

The funny thing is I got bonus points with Ariel's pediatrician cause she knew what books are.  I told him I would be worried if one of my kids didn't know what books were. I've had quite my share of teachers that said they didn't recognize me with a book in my face. And with the amount of books in my room ... well I would be amazed if my kids didn't pick up on what they were.

All that was missing was my little monster boy, AJ, but it was nice to have a quiet trip to B&N.


  1. There is nothing lovelier than a child with a book. I'm glad you got your time with your babes. And how beautiful they are ;-)

  2. Thanks, I love taking Karlee out since she is older and has really grown into being the big sister. Poor AJ surrounded by girls, stepsister, 2 half sisters, and his stepmom has a baby on the way, with his luck it will be a girl.


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