Ah Murphy my old friend

Seriously look at the awesomeness! Yes that's my hair,
Murphy's Law. You just got to love it right? I think Murphy needs swift kick in the you know where.

See I finally found a great site, Picnik, that I love for editing my photos. I've made my new blog background, header, and icon there. Also my little mermaid signature. And what happens? They are closing! Not fair.

The cool part is they aren't closing till April and I know can use all the premium feature without having to pay. But it also means I'm editing photos up a storm.

Murphy also stuck when I bundled the kids up to go outside the other day to play in the snow. I wanted to take photos, but I was going to be carrying Ariel so I took my little crappy point & shoot digital camera (aka my only digital camera) and what happens? It took 2 photos and froze on me. It wouldn't even shut off! So those photos were shot with my iPhone.

But now I have a real reason to get a DSLR hehe.

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