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Writers Block by ~piratesquared

What to write, what to write, what to write. What to do. When to get my camera out. Lately I just feel blocked. I have a thousand thoughts running through my mind. But when I actually sit down to do something it doesn't get done. It won't come out.

I've been meaning to take out my SLR and actually shoot the film I have. Just to get something, do something. I used to have that camera glued to me. Most the time, if I went somewhere you can bet I had my SLR. I got out my CDs of all my film and wow. Just wow. I don't get why I stopped. I mean it might have something to do with the kids, but I should still be able to take some photos.

Even with my journal, you know the one "D" told me to make time to write in everyday, I stare at it. I just don't know what to write. It doesn't help that I usually have to wait till the kids are asleep and then I'm either exhausted or don't have a light.

Or that I want to lose weight. Meaning I need to get off my butt more and eat better. But I just never get around to it. Something comes up.

This all might just be that I'm sick with a sore throat and super swollen tonsils.



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